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Sales channel Strategic Plan

Sales channel Strategic Plan

If your course isn’t converting the way you had hoped, you’re in the right place.

This is for you if…

  • You have a course that’s not converting visitors into buyers OR
  • You’re planning a course and want to know how you’ll sell it
  • You can’t figure out why your course isn’t selling like you’d hoped
  • You’ve hired an inexpensive freelancer to write your copy or you’ve written it yourself but you’re not in marketing and aren’t sure if you’ve done it right
  • You’ve used templates to write your copy
  • You’ve tried to mimic emails or copy others have written

How it Works

Your course isn’t selling and we need to diagnose why.

Step 1

First, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire where I’ll ask: 

  • What’s working
  • What YOU think isn’t working
  • For links to your sales assets
  • Where your traffic is coming from (with links)
  • Questions about:
    • The problem you’re solving with your course
    • Your copy
    • Your prospects
    • Existing audience 

Step 2

I’ll pour through the materials and information you filled out in the questionnaire. 

I will approach it as if I’m a prospective student. 

I’ll diagnose what I suspect is the cause of your lack of sales and provide you with an action plan (in a Google doc) with a clear, step by step action plan.  

Step 3

I will send you a detailed action plan to optimize your sales system with videos of me explaining each section. 

Your action plan will include:

  • Weaknesses
  • Messaging and copy recommendations
  • Easy-to-implement fixes
  • Recommendations on how to continue to optimize
  • The why behind all of my recommendations

Step 4

We’ll schedule a 30 min follow-up zoom call.  You’ll come prepared with any questions you have.  I’ll clarify and give you any additional information I can within the 30 minutes. 


I'm In! What's next?

Click the button below to start the process.  You’ll be redirected to my contact page.  Once I receive your request, I’ll contact you to get the ball rolling.  

Cost:  $297.00 USD

*Custom packages for emails, sales pages, and conversion strategy available upon request.

Your "Mind-Reader" Emails

What makes prospective students convert into take-my-money-I-NEED-this-course buyers?

If you’re confused, frustrated, and maybe a little overwhelmed trying to answer this questions, you’re in the right place. 



This Email Package Is For You If...

  • You’re planning (or currently have) and evergreen course OR  that just isn’t converting (and you have no idea WHY)
  • You have a “I want to do this RIGHT” attitude
  • You want the (not so) “secret sauce” of copywriting built into your sales strategy
  • You have an audience (either an email list, a social media following, or some type of audience)

Let's Read Some Minds!

You’ll get full access to my Pull-Plot-Propel framework:

Email copywriter

Simply put, the Pull-Plot-Propel method works like this:

  • Pull: I start by doing a deep (DEEP) dive into what your customers want.  You’ll discover that there are often valuable insights, language, and messaging right under your nose.  I’ll present my findings to you before we even start plotting your sales strategy. 
  • Plot: Using the insights to craft your messaging, I’ll plot out the order of your message hierarchy, how it will be executed, and what goes where. I’ll then write the first draft. 
  • Propel: This phase of the process is where I’ll use conversion copywriting “magic” to propel your message.  I’ll use psychology, persuasion strategies, and more to edit your copy.  This is where  we take your copy from just being elements of a message to a finessed piece of art. 

What's Included

60 minute kick-off Call

You'll fill in a questionnaire ahead of time. We'll discuss how we'll measure success, what your goals are, and how we'll gather the information we need to make an effective strategy. I'll conduct a thorough review of your sales systems to see if there are any leaks in your current strategy that can be patched up.

Sales Systems Review

I'll do a review of your entire sales system to see if there are any other areas that need attention. This is where I'll dig into your KPIs like conversion rates, click through rates, open rates, etc... *If there are any other areas that need help, we can talk about what to do about it.

Research & Discovery

Together, we'll decide the best way to pull the RIGHT information out of your customers. You're in a 'no guessing zone.' We find REAL customer language and craft your message by looking through the eyes of your customer. This means at least 3 data points of information. This could be surveys, customer interviews, finding reviews online where your customer hangs out, and more.

Email & Customer Insights Report

You'll get all my findings packaged up nicely in an easy to understand report. I'll detail what I found in your sales systems and customer insights (research), what it means for you, and how we can improve your strategy going forward.

5 Email Sequence

You'll get a Google document with the email body copy, 2 subject line suggestions, preview copy, calls to action, P.S. copy, and when to send each email. If we've identified any other copy you need, you'll receive that as well in this step. You'll be given the option of one round of edits if you think anything is not quite right. Edits are minimal because up until this point, you've been involved in the messaging process, so nothing will be a surprise by the time you get the copy back for review.

Optimize & Monitor

After you receive your copy back, I'll give you recommendations on how to implement your email strategy (or help advising your team on what to do with the copy). I'll review the results after a your emails have been active for a while. We'll make tweaks and adjustments if needed.

BONUS: sales Strategy Session

Once we're done your project, if you would like, you'll get a FREE 20 min strategy session to have me consult on anything related to online business that I'm familiar with. This could be how to add more passive income to your existing business, how to add affiliate marketing to your course, or anything that's on your mind.

I'm In - What's Next?

Book a discovery Call to see if we're a good fit

We’ll cover:

  • Where you’re at
  • Where you want to go
  • I’ll help you solve some key problems and give you an actionable list of low-hanging fruit opportunities you can use RIGHT NOW 

If and only if you’re excited about working together, we’ll move forward. 

 *4 figure investment

*Custom packages available for emails, sales pages, and conversion strategy available upon request.


email subject line swipe file and how-to guide.

Want higher email open rates? This will help you write better subject lines!

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