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Strategy Sessions

Strategy Sessions

If you’re not ready to (or don’t feel like you need to) hire a copywriter, maybe you just need a little extra help. 

These Strategy Sessions are for you if…

  • You don’t want all the prep of working with a copywriter, you just want quick advice you can use right away
  • Need a second set of (email copy experienced) eyes on your work
  • Need some tools so email doesn’t feel like such a huge burden
  • You want to skip past the quote, invoice, and agreements right to the burning questions you need answered NOW

Which Strategy Session Is Right For You?

General Strategy Session

$ 197
  • ~60 Min Recorded Zoom
  • ~Discuss Any Topic
  • ~No Contract

Quarterly Content Strategy

$ 247
  • ~90 Min Recorded Zoom
  • ~Walk Away With Detailed Content Strategy
  • ~No More Guessing What to Write

Employee Training

$ 197
USD per hour
  • ~60 Min Recorded Zoom
  • ~Any Email Topic
  • ~Book As Many As You Need

Done-For-You Email Sequences


For services providers or course creators (coaches, consultants, experts, and agencies). 

You’re already overwhelmingly busy running your business day to day.

You simply don’t have the time for:

  • Craft a high converting campaign strategy
  • Writing story driven emails that connect
  • Mapping your funnels segmenting and tagging strategy
  • Strategizing and writing your own sequences

If you’re ready for your clients to say YES more often, let’s schedule your FREE 15-20 min Email Copy and Strategy Audit Session.

Which Sequence Is Right For You?


Whether you're nurturing a sale or just a client relationship, making a good first impression sets the stage for the long-term relationship

Nurture or Re-Engage

Build (or re-build) a deep connection with your audience by nurturing the relationship.


Running a timely promotion or want to add to your evergreen funnel, get the right strategy so you don't end up feeling like a slimey salesman.

What's Included

60 minute kick-off Call

You'll fill in a questionnaire ahead of time. We'll discuss all the details of the project and I'll collect the information I need to write your sequence.

5 emails

You'll get 5 strategically crafted emails. We cut out the fluff and include what your clients/subscribers need to see to nurture them naturally to a sale.

Copy and Strategy Recommendations

I'll review your existing strategy and give you recommendations on how you can segment, map out your funnel, and some optimization tactics you can use to improve your conversions.

2 rounds of revisions

Two rounds of revisions are included in every package.

How It works

Book a Mini 15-20 minute Strategy Session

We’ll cover:

  • Where you’re at with your emails
  • Where you want to go
  • I’ll help you solve some key problems and give you an actionable list of low hanging fruit opportunities you can use RIGHT NOW in your email marketing strategy – whether we end up working together or not.

If and only if you’re excited about working together, we’ll move forward. 


Ongoing help & custom packages

Didn’t find what you were looking for above? 

If you’re looking for ongoing help or a custom package, contact me and we can discuss your needs. 


Ongoing Projects FAQ

Yes. You have to have a list of people who have opted in willingly.

If you don’t have a list started just yet, we can schedule a strategy session and I’m happy to walk you through how to get started and give you an action plan.

I only work with people and companies I enjoy, and who like working with me. No meanies allowed!

We always start on a trial basis to see if we are a good fit…both ways.

If we like working together and you like the results, we continue. Having no contracts means the results and the work stay front and center…always

We sign an agreement that sets out the terms of our arrangement, but there is no time stamp on it with the exception of any discussed deadlines.

If you prefer to rent out my time (with no contracts or paperwork) you can book 1 hour of email copy review where we cover whatever you like.

I’ll happily help you grow your existing business even further once it’s already established. I don’t grow businesses from the ground up.

If you want some guidance in the early stages, we can schedule a consultation time and you can rent out my brain.

You don’t want me in charge of tech!

You need to have some help to set things up on the back end of your site.

I provide strategy, copy, and consulting.  I can provide guidance, but I’m not a web designer or tech expert. 

Our goal is to bring in more clients. 

So, what is a client worth to you? 

If your offer costs $3,000 and you spend $2,000 (my minimum project budget) on my service, and land JUST one new client as a result, my work has more than paid for itself. 

If you don’t have the budget, but still want some help, check out my quick email audit