Transform Your Emails Into A Scalable, Revenue-Producing Asset in Just One Week

❌ No Boring Emails
❌ No Long Drawn-Out Deadlines
❌ Not For Everyone


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Emails Designed to Sell for you...
... delivered in just one week

Exclusive access to an email sales expert: The entire week is about only YOU!

✅Focused on the 6 principles of persuasion (with a modern, empathy-infused twist).

No guesswork: You’ll never wonder what I’m working on.

A process so efficient, you’ve likely never seen anything like it in copywriting.

✅Includes proofreading, several layers of “ROI infusion” edits, loom explanations, and follow-ups so you get all your questions answered. 

"Kristi's work has had an immediate impact on...conversion rates and acquisition costs."

Meet Your Email Conversion Copywriter

Hi! I’m Kristi.

In 2019, I left a ten-year career in financial services to become an email conversion expert. 

Discovering how to make money has been an obsession since I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad when I was only 16. 

Since I entered the workforce, I’ve dedicated my career to helping clients build sustainable income. First with financial planning, then with conversion copywriting. 

What can You get in just one week?

At the end of our week, you’ll get one of the following – built with the every conversion-focused strategy I have at my disposal: 

  • Welcome sequence
  • Launch sequence
  • Re-engagement sequence
  • Nurture sequence with light sales
  • Webinar show-up sequence
  • Sales sequence
  • Book a call sequence
Don’t worry if you don’t know which email sequence you need.  We’ll figure it out in our first call. 

"Any brand or company who is making a big push to grow ... should HIGHLY consider hiring you."

What's Included in My VIP Email Intensive?

➡An efficient onboarding process; You’re not bogged down with constant emails, questions, and info requests.

➡A solid week dedicated to you. I’ll immerse myself completely in your project with no distractions.

➡An email update when I start and every two days until we’re done, with no obligation from you to respond.

➡A Google Doc link with your emails.

➡A loom video explaining everything and a recording of our onboarding call and Q&A call.

➡A follow-up Q&A call to answer any of your questions.

➡30-day email follow-up to see your results.

The Process Is Designed to be EASY...
Because You're BUSY!!

I’ve brought the checklist-loving, efficiency-obsessed mindset I was known for in financial services into your VIP Email Intensive!

From research, writing, editing, and proofreading…

The entire process is designed to be fast, efficient, and easy for you!

"I have reduced the amount of time with brand-new clients, but providing a streamlined introduction..."

Curious How Your VIP Email Intensive works?

This process was meticuloulsy designed to make your life as easy as possible…

… AND to make sure you know what’s happening EVERY step of the way. 

EASY process!

NO surprises! 

How it works


After we have a quick 15 minute chat to see if we’re a good fit, you’ll agree to the terms, secure your spot with my built-to-be-easy process (Stripe and PayPal are both accepted), and book your week. 


Once you’re booked, we’ll meet at least a day before your intensive starts. 

You’ll get a short questionnaire before our meeting so you have time to gather the info I’ll need. 

We’ll tidy up loose ends during our briefing and answer any questions you might have.


On the day your VIP Email Intensive starts, I’ll email you to let you know I’m starting, what to expect, and when to expect your copy.


I’ll deliver your copy via Google docs.

You’ll get:

  •  a loom explanation video so you’re 100% informed on the strategy
  • any details you need to know.

You’ll get a 30 min Q&A call (booked during our first call) 7 days later so you have time to review your copy and ask any final questions. 

CAUTION: The VIP Email Intensive is NOT for everyone. 

🚫It’s for businesses who are SERIOUS about generating revenue from their email lists. 

🚫It’s not for dabblers. 

🚫It’s not for people who have no email list yet.

And it’s definitely not for you if you don’t know how valuable conversion copy is for your ROI.

Still Have Questions?

Does it include tech?

I’m not great at tech, so I stay in my lane.  Writing quality conversion-focused emails is my superpower.  If you need tech help, I may be able to recommend someone, but it’s not something I do. 

How long does it take?

It takes 8 days start to finish.  

Why is it only one week when other copywriters take longer?

From day one of my copywriting journey, I specialized in email. 

I also have a very process-driven brain.  Having a highly efficient process means you get every revenue-generating tool I have (because they’re all built into the process).

I’ve been building, writing, and analyzing emails since 2019. 

This has allowed me to create highly organized processes that help me craft emails fast without sacrificing quality. 

Do you do anything other than emails?

Yes and no. Every client starts with email because that is my specialty.  If we work well together and I have capacity, I have taken on other projects related to crafting your sales funnel.  Lead generation campaigns, ads, social media copy, etc…  But this is on a case by case basis. 

Disclosure: No copywriter can ever guarantee results.  If they do, run away as fast as you can in the other direction… they are 100% lying to you. Results depend on too many variables to be able to offer guarantees.  Things like your list size, engagement, funnel effectiveness, budget, ads vs organic traffic, and so much more can affect your results. But I CAN guarantee I will focus 100% on your project and put every conversion-focused strategy I have to fuel your emails like I have with all my clients who I’ve produced results for.