Your Full Focus VIP Day

One highly focused day dedicated 100% to you so we can 

power through your copy project.

book a Full Focus VIP Day and Get
Built-to-convert copy... FAST!

The types of projects we can work on during Full Focus VIP Day include:

  • Welcome email sequence
  • Launch email sequence
  • Nurture email sequence with light sales
  • Webinar show up sequence
  • Sales sequence
  • Book a call sequence
  • Lead generation copy
  • Funnel strategy
  • Sales funnel map
  • Any email sequence you need
  • And much more 

What You Get

  • 5 fully focused hours dedicated to your copy project.
  • 60 minute strategy session before the big day.
  • I’ll review all of the materials I’ll need before the big day so I spend the entire 5 hours working on your copy.

"Kristi's work has had an immediate impact on...conversion rates and acquisition costs."

Here's How it works


We don’t want to waste a single minute of your Full Focus VIP Day, so before the big  day, we’ll have a 60 minute strategy session so I’m crystal clear on what you need to accomplish.



I’ll ask you to send me specific information that I’ll review ahead of time so we can hit the ground running on your big day.  


On the day of Your Full Focus VIP Day, I’ll turn on Zoom, send you the link, and get to work on your project at 9am.  I’ll spend 5 fully immersed hours working on your project and deliver what I’ve worked on at the end of the day.

You can check in or ask questions via Zoom anytime throughout the day.