This is the part where I tell you I’m PUMPED that you’re here and you sort of roll your eyes because EVERYONE says that. 

But I AM actually crazy-inflatable-arm-tube-man excited you’re here. 

For real! 

It means you’re excited about turning your email into a business growth tool that can help you:

  • Scale your business
  • Gather critical intel on your ideal clients
  • Test new offers

And soooooo much more. 

Head over to your email to get the party started!  

See you soon!


Picture of woman with miniature crazy inflatable flailing arm tube man with excited look on her face. Excited about email marketing.

👆That’s me by the way. Hi! 

If you're thinking about it... There are Three Ways to Work with Me

If you’re thinking of hiring an email expert, here are the three ways you can work with me:

🔎 Email Upgrader: I’ll review up to 4 emails, give you detailed recommendations for copy upgrades and conversion optimization strategies.

⚡ The Express Email Expert: When you need an email sequence FAST, but don’t have time for all the research and paperwork. 

✍ Customized Strategy: Whether you’re looking for a funnel, monthly nurture emails, or something else, email me at kristi (at) kristidurham (dot) com.