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Your Custom competitor Analysis & Quick Start Guide

Whether you’re established and want to spy on your competition…

OR you want a customized quick start SEO plan…

Use this report to discover details about your competitors like:


  • Who they are

  • Leaders in your industry

  • What keywords they use to rank organically in Google (so you can swipe them and rank higher)

  • What they’re doing well and not-so-well (so you can top it)

  • Where their backlinks come from (so you can reach out to those companies as well)

FREE flow chart - pdf download

This Is NOT A Confusing Guide About How Email Funnels Work.

A quick yes-or-no flowchart so you know exactly what email sequence you need to drive more revenue TODAY!

You need customized-to-your-business business answers fast…

Like in the next few minutes!

A simple, easy-to-follow, yes-or-now flowchart; Get custom answers in less than a minute.

EXACTLY why you need a specific sequence: You never wonder if you’re wasting time on emails that don’t move the needle.

Short answers on how each sequence will drive revenue; every email you send moves your business forward.

Click below and get specific-to-your-business answers to “Am I sending the right emails?” — today!

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