For service businesses who
want to optimize their funnel - FAST!

1-hour funnel fix

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Your 1-Hour Funnel Fix is for action takers who want to get it done NOW!

Your 1-Hour Funnel Fix is designed to get the most strategy possible in a short amount of time.  

No fluff. 

Designed to;

> Take the mystery out of funnels 

> Give you a takeaway action plan for your specific funnel (and your specific business and audience)

And save you hours of Googling, YouTube video watching, and taking courses that start with a long boring story about how the creator got started. 

Hi! I'm Kristi, your Sales Funnel Obsessed Friend

You’re wondering, “Who the heck is Kristi to help me with my funnel?” 

When I started my conversion copywriting career in 2019, I niched into sales funnels immediately.  

I sought out the best conversion training I could find and intense mentorship from one of the best copywriters I know right from the start. 

Years later, I’ve researched, strategized, and crafted copy for sales funnels non-stop. 

I’ve been writing big funnels used all across the US for a long time.  

But my heart belongs to the small business owner trying to build their dream with grit, determination, and hard work. 

I’m now on a mission to help as many smaller businesses as I can who don’t have the budget (starting around $7,000 USD usually) to hire an expert copywriter to research, strategize, and write an intricate sales funnel.


"But my funnel is unique, How will you know how to help me specifically?"

Of course it is! 

Every funnel out there is as unique as the business who runs it. 

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to understand all types of funnels. 

Funnels with traffic from:

  • Blogs (SEO is my jam!)
  • All social media outlets (LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  • YouTube
  • And more

Your funnel can be super simple with 2-3 steps or it can be intricate with tripwires, sales pages, lots of emails, segmenting, detailed analytics and more. 

The traffic, pieces, and intricacy depends on:

>Who you are.

>What you can do in the time you have.

>How much help you have.

>How much technical expertise you have access to.

>And more.

“In just an hour, you gave me a simple strategy to launch my new service”

What You Get in Your 1-Hour funnel Fix

1. We’ll start by answering any burning questions you have right now. 

2. Next, we’ll talk about your goals, your target audience, and what you want to get out of the hour.  If you don’t know how funnels work, I’ll show you an example of a visual funnel map and explain any pieces that may seem confusing.

3. You’ll answer series of questions designed to pull out the essential elements of your funnel.  

>> If you already have a funnel, we’ll figure out what’s working, what needs adjusting, and how you can optimize for better results. 

 >>If you don’t have a funnel yet, I’ll ask you a series of questions to pull out everything you need to craft your funnel.  

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing… that’s why I’m here. 

I’ll meet you wherever you’re at and bring you up to speed in a hurry!


i'll meet you wherever you're at and bring you up to speed in a hurry

Whether you…

… have a funnel

… don’t have a funnel

… have a partially finished funnel

… or need an expert review on a finished funnel…  

I‘ll meet you where you’re at and raise the efficiency of your funnel in an hour. 

The hour is 100% yours, so if you need to spend the entire time talking about what to write (or how weird the weather is lately), that’s up to you.  

We can create a brand new funnel OR we can talk about one thing that you’re totally stuck on. It’s up to you! 

You'll walk away with:

  • A Google Doc with all of our notes (and what I recommended)
  • A simple to follow map of your specific funnel 
  • Answers to all the questions you asked
  • A recording of our call 
  • A formula of how to put together every piece of your funnel
  • Depending on how much time we have (and what other questions you have) we may even have time to write some outlines of a few pieces of your funnel

What others Say about my Work

“Your Unshakable Desire to nail it”

“Kristi’s Work had an immediate impact on all our campaign metrics…”

“It’s such an asset to have someone who cares as much as me…”

“…makes projects ridiculously easier…”