Hey-O!  I’m Kristi 

Conversion Copywriter & Strategist for Course Creators

Hey-O!  I’m Kristi

Conversion Copywriter & Strategist for Course Creators

Using detailed research, psychology, and storytelling, I help course creators find their “perfect fit” students and turn up the (income producing) heat on their sales pages. 

Millions of businesses across the globe are attempting to go digital and create courses. 

This means there is a tidal wave of competition entering your market (⬅understatement). 

If you want visitors who click through to your sales page to become excited-to-pay-and-geeked-to-get-started students, you need…

... a sales page that converts!

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You’ve poured your heart and soul into your course because…

you've mastered your business offline, you're ready to unleash your expertise online

You’ve become an expert at converting your in person leads into clients or buyers.

You didn’t get to where you are today without knowing a good sales strategy can make or break your bottom line. 

But you don’t have the time or patience to learn how to do it online. 

The last thing you want is to spend endless amounts of time researching, building, writing, and meticulously editing your sales page. 


your sales page is yOU... but online

Just like an in-real-life sales person, your sales page needs to:

  • Hook the prospect by asking the right questions
  • Predict what your prospect is going to object to and address concerns in the right order, with the right language
  • Include critical components of the message in the proper order

But the online world is different than in real life. 

There are specific strategies that work, and a never ending list of those that don’t. 


I saw an opportunity to help passionate experts (turned course creators) amplify their message

It started when I quietly snuck my way into the online world in 2016. 

After 10 years (licenses, designations, diplomas, and all) in the financial planning world, I realized my passion was in helping online entrepreneurs amplify their dreams and build their tribes.  

I paid my dues in the interweb-osphere by writing blogs, emails, and SEO optimizing for myself and others. 

As I watched my clients build their businesses (and increase their income) with every new skill I acquired, I realized I had a massive opportunity to help. 

My online side hustles quickly turned into an obsession. 

As I upgraded my skills by reading everything I could get my hands on, taking conversion copywriting courses, and weaving my new skills into the copy I was creating for clients, it hit me harder than Thor’s hammer…

I have a REAL opportunity to help entrepreneurs amplify their messages through their meticulously (and lovingly) crafted courses. 

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Fast Forward to Today...

I’ve long since ditched the regular 9-5 finance career I spent years building. 

Now, I find happiness by helping talented, intelligent, and passionate experts turned course creators grow their businesses (and income) with research-driven conversion copy.  

It’s no surprise I landed on conversion copywriting as a career. 

I spent a lot of my teenage years reading books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “The Millionaire Next Door.”  I was fascinated by how people could turn ideas into money and I still am to this day.  It’s that love for understanding money and sales that’s brought me from a career in financial advising to a career in conversion copywriting. 

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