Helping Coaches, Consultants, And Experts Transform Emails Into A Revenue-Generating Asset

How can I help?

Helping Coaches, Consultants, and Experts Transform Emails into a Revenue-Generating Asset

How can I help?

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"Kristi's work has had an immediate impact on...conversion rates and acquisition costs."

What Jobs Are Your Emails Doing For You?

If you have leads coming into your list, but they aren’t buying, you may be asking yourself:

  • Am I sending the right kind of emails?
  • Am I missing critical pieces of high conversion sales funnel?
  • Is my entire funnel working the way it should? If not, where are people dropping off?

If you’re looking for someone to write boring “here are 3 tips for ____” emails, you’re definitely in the wrong place.

If you’re looking for help building an effective email funnel strategy based on what your subscribers want and need to hear from you, I can help. 

I help my clients craft highly strategic copy that converts leads into buyers, and builds authentic connections from the start.


If you're not Harnessing Email as Your business Superpower...

… you’re DEFINITELY leaving real business-scaling dollars on the table. 

Email is still one of the most effective ways to scale your business, but it’s getting noisier every day. 

Because businesses send emails just to send emails.


  1. Don’t have a clear idea of what they want their emails to do
  2. Aren’t listening to their subscriber’s needs
  3. Undervalue all the business-building power of email strategy (segmenting, tagging, formatting, analysis, etc…)

But that’s not you. 

If it was, you would never have made it to this sentence on this page. 

You’re ready to scale

 You’re not a babysitter…You’re an expert doing expert things in your area of expertise

And you need an email funnel expert who’s got the chops to partner with you to transform your sales strategy into a business-scaling machine.


Hi, I'm Kristi "the mind-Reader" Durham

Okay, I don’t really read minds.  But I do the copywriting equivalent to reading minds. 

I help business owners and entrepreneurs build authentic connections using data-driven and story-charged email copy, sales strategy, and consulting to grow their bottom line. 

I help you tap into the hearts and minds of your customers so you can speak their “love to buy” language.

"Any brand or company who is making a big push to grow ... should HIGHLY consider hiring you."

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What Clients have to say

"she was as excited and committed to figuring out that spark/special sauce in my client’s service."

"I have reduced the amount of time with brand-new clients, but providing a streamlined introduction..."

"her messaging insights as a conversion copywriter make projects ridiculously easier and more fun."

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This Is NOT A Confusing Guide About How Email Funnels Work.

A quick yes-or-no flowchart so you know exactly what email sequence you need to drive more revenue TODAY!

You need customized-to-your-business business answers fast…

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A simple, easy-to-follow, yes-or-now flowchart; Get custom answers in less than a minute.

EXACTLY why you need a specific sequence: You never wonder if you’re wasting time on emails that don’t move the needle.

Short answers on how each sequence will drive revenue; every email you send moves your business forward.

Click below and get specific-to-your-business answers to “Am I sending the right emails?” — today!

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